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  • Brand New Belongings®

    Brand New Belongings®

    An optional type of coverage that complements a homeowner, renter, or condominium insurance policy. It may help cover the cost of repairs or even replace select belongings.
  • Water Backup

    Water Backup

    This kind of coverage protects you against losses caused by water damage due to sewer or drain backup. (Different than flood insurance)
  • Valuables Plus℠

    Valuables Plus℠

    A policy which provides supplementary coverage for valuable possessions, including but not limited to: jewelry, watches, and furs.
  • Personal Liability

    Personal Liability

    Personal liability insurance policies are for renters who wish to have coverage in case of bodily harm and property damage caused to others as a result of your actions or neglect.
  • Medical Payments

    Medical Payments

    Medical payments may and can help cover others' medical costs caused by an accident that took place on your property. In the case of renters of both homes and apartments, this type of coverage does not insure you or other members of your household.
  • Credit Card

    Credit Card

    A credit card insurance policy will pay up to your limit for transactions that are unauthorized on your credit cards and bank debit/ATM card. This policy for renters also covers forged checks and counterfeit money.
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Nationwide Renters Insurance

The Best Rates on Insurance for Renters!

Thanks for visiting ERenters Insurance! If you’re a renter you’re going to need Renter's Insurance. At Erenters Insurance you will be able to find the best rates on Renters Insurance through SkyBlue Insurance. At SkyBlue Insurance, we have the ability to deliver you the best quotes on Renters Insurance. We are an authorized dealer for Nationwide Insurance. With our advanced quote system, you’ll have access to multiple results around the nation so you can choose the best policy for you. Nationwide Renters Insurance comes with loads of coverage options to protect you from any losses you may experience as a renter.  If you’re ready to get the Nationwide Renters Insurance coverage you need, give us a call at 1-800-771-7758 or visit our quote page and request a free Nationwide Renters Insurance quote today!Nationwide Insurance - Erenters Insurance - Renter's Insurance

Renters Insurance Coverage Options

Even though your landlord or property owner may have insurance, their insurance may not cover from some of the damages that a Nationwide Renters Insurance policy will. With a Nationwide Renters Insurance policy, you’ll be covered if you are financially at-fault for any property damage or injuries on the premises.

Some of the coverage options that Nationwide Renters Insurance covers include:


If someone burglarizes your home, the damage and replacement costs of some of your valuables may be expensive. With Nationwide Renters Insurance, the value of the stolen items will be covered.


If there is an injury on your property, you may be held accountable for the medical bills and any other fees that need to be paid. With this Renters Insurance coverage option, some of these expenses may be covered.

Weather Damage

Nationwide Renters Insurance will cover any expenses related to damaged caused by harsh weather.  

Personal Belongings

With Nationwide Renters Insurance, your personal belongings are safe and will be covered by your policy if they are damaged by weather, guests, or burglars.

The average renter owns about $20,000 worth of personal valuables.  Grab a camera and start documenting your personal items and let us help you find the best Nationwide Renters Insurance policy.

It’s important for renters to keep themselves, their belongings, and their rental property safe from any unfortunate events. If you would like to know how much Nationwide Renters Insurance you need go online and get an instant Nationwide Renters insurance quote today. It’s never too late to be safe.

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Nationwide Renters Insurance


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