Rental Home Decorating Tips

Rental Home Decorating Tips

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It’s natural for us to want to make things ours. Even if it’s a rental property, we still look for ways to personalize our homes. There are many ways to touch up your living space and make your rental house (or apartment) a home. But keep in mind that you don’t own the property so there are some things you must consider when decorating. Below we have compiled some rental home decorating tips.

  • Ask your Landlord– Some places have stipulations in the lease that prohibit tenants from making any modifications to a rental. Get your landlord’s permission before making any decorations or customizations.

  • Try Not to Over-Accessorize/ Overcrowd- Do your best not to over-accessorize and clutter your home. Stress has been scientifically connected to clutter and lack of space.

  • Use temporary wallpaper- You may want to bring some life to the walls in your home. Remembers not to use paint. Temporary wallpaper is easy to install and remove without leaving extensive damage to your property.

  • Don’t Bill your landlord- Your landlord is not financially responsible for any decorations or appliances you purchase. Do not send your landlord a bill asking to replace these costs.

  • Avoid Putting Holes in Walls- Be careful when using nails and screws to hang things. Some tenants have lost their security deposits because the landlord needed to fill holes.

Just because you don’t own the place doesn’t mean that it has to be boring. There are many ways to add some flair and design to your rental property. Be sure to follow the aforementioned rental home decorating tips.

If you do end up causing damage while you decorate, you may be held financially responsible for the damages. That’s why renters need Nationwide Renters Insurance. This will protect you, the property, and your belongings from any theft, interior damage, or injuries. Contact us now and request a free Nationwide Renters Insurance Quote now.

Rental Home Decorating Tips

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